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Colt Materials is based in Halesowen West Midlands but supplies metals across the UK. We offer quality materials and products that meet strict industry requirements and we have a trusty fleet of vehicles that deliver our goods promptly. If you’re searching for 'metal suppliers near me, then we can even deliver the next day so you can make a start on your projects without delay.

Our wide assortment of metals includes aluminium, cast iron, engineering plastic, mild steel, stainless steel and tool steel. Our materials are appropriate for use in all industries and sectors. Whatever your unique needs, we can help you find the metals most appropriate to your projects and advise you where you need. Additionally, we offer cutting services using equipment that can cut blocks up to 450mm in diameter and 500mm in thickness. We also have additional machines for plate cutting.

The Benefits of Metal Suppliers Near Me

There are many benefits to choosing metal suppliers near you, and Colt Materials as your local metal business is here to support your business.

Convenience: Proximity to a local metal supplier means shorter lead times for deliveries and quicker access to materials. This can be crucial in meeting tight project deadlines.

Personal Relationships: Building a relationship with a ‘metal supplier near me’ can lead to better customer service and more personalised support.

Quick Problem Resolution: If any issues or discrepancies arise with your order, it's often easier to resolve them with a local supplier because you can communicate face-to-face or get faster responses and distribution.

Supporting Local Economy: By choosing 'metal suppliers near me', you contribute to the local economy and support a local business, which has positive social and economic impacts.

Customisation: As local metal suppliers, we can customise materials to your specific requirements. This can be particularly important for specialised projects- our cutting service can assist you in customising the size of your materials.

Why Colt Metal Suppliers?

We are aware that every industry has different material needs and looks for properties in metals that are specific for certain performance. To guarantee they meet industry standards, we put all of our finished products through a thorough quality testing process. Our rates are affordable without sacrificing the quality of the items, and we strive to provide the greatest guidance and customer support so you may concentrate on your projects. As ‘metal suppliers near me’ we guarantee you quality services and materials.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch and contact us with questions for more information on our products. Look no further than Colt Materials for ‘metal suppliers near me’, as we are dedicated to supporting your projects with metals that have all the right characteristics for your businesses. You can reach us via our contact form or give us a call on: 0121 227 7788.

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