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Aluminium 6082

Grade 6082 aluminium is a medium strength alloy with very good corrosion resistance. Additions of magnesium, manganese and silicon enhance the mechanical and corrosion resistance properties of 6082 whilst retaining good machinability and weldability. With grade 6082 aluminium offering the highest strength of all the 6000 series it is widely regarded as a material for structural type applications.

Aluminium 5083

Grade 5083 aluminium is a non-heat treatable alloy which has additions of magnesium, manganese and chromium that contribute to the materials exceptional performance in extreme environments.
Grade 5083 offers a high resistance to attack in both seawater and industrial chemical environments.
Commonly used in plate form Alloy 5083 also retains its good strength levels after welding and offers the highest strength of the non-heat treatable alloys.

Tooling Plate

The two sides precision machined C250 precision plate with protective foil was developed from almost universally-applicable alloy EN AW-5083 (AlMg4.5Mn0.7). Rolling ingots are used for production, which have a fine-grained, homogeneous structure with only low microporosity created in a modified casting process and specific heat treatments. The result are precision plates which are distinguished by very uniform flatness, high strength and good technical anodising properties.

Aluminium 2014

Grade 2014A aluminium is a heat treatable high strength alloy with a 4-5% copper addition. Produced in bar and profile it is supplied in the fully heat-treated condition for the optimum mechanical properties. Normally stocked in the T6 condition (stress relieved and artificially aged) the2014A offers a high strength vs. density and is commonly used in the aerospace and defence industries for the manufacture of aircraft structures, and truck frames.

Aluminium 2011

Alloy 2011 is known as a free-machining alloy or 'FMA' - this means that the material has excellent machinability and is suitable for use on automatic lathes. The alloy displays poor corrosion resistance and therefore anodizing will be required for additional surface protection. Whilst weldability is also very poor, 2011 aluminium is a highly versatile aluminium. With excellent machinability, the material can be used to produce highly complex and detailed parts.

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