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D2 Tool Steel

D2 tool steel is a high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel known for its exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and durability. This versatile steel alloy is a preferred choice in the manufacturing and toolmaking industries due to its impressive properties. It's extreme hardness makes it exceptionally resistant to wear, abrasion, and deformation, making it an ideal choice for various cutting and forming tools.

01 Tool Steel

O1 tool steel, also known as oil-hardening steel, is a versatile and popular tool steel renowned for its exceptional durability, ease of heat treatment, and excellent cutting performance. After proper heat treatment, O1 tool steel achieves a high level of hardness. This hardness, combined with its fine grain structure, results in exceptional wear resistance, making it well-suited for applications where tools are subject to abrasive wear.

A2 Tool Steel

A2 tool steel is classified as an air-hardening tool steel and is characterized by a well-balanced composition. Unlike many tool steels that require quenching in oil or other mediums, A2 tool steel is air-hardening. It hardens when cooled in air or still air, making it a convenient choice for toolmakers,

EN24T Tool Steel

EN24 is usually supplied in the T condition with a tensile strength of 850/1000 N/mm2. EN24T steel is a popular grade of through-hardening alloy steel due to its excellent machinability in the "T" condition. EN24T is used in components such as gears, shafts, studs and bolts, its hardness is in the range 248/302 HB.

H13 Tool Steel

One of the standout features of H13 tool steel is its outstanding heat resistance. It can withstand prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures without losing its hardness and strength. This makes it an excellent choice for applications that involve high-temperature operations such as forging, die casting, and extrusion. In addition to its hardness and heat resistance, H13 tool steel offers good toughness. It can endure impact and shock without fracturing easily, making it suitable for demanding applications.

P20 Tool Steel

P20 tool steel, also known as P20 mold steel, is a versatile and widely used material in the tool and mold-making industry. P20 steel is known for its ability to be polished and textured to create specific surface finishes. This feature is invaluable in mold making, as it allows for the production of high-quality, textured, or glossy plastic parts.