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At Colt Materials we’ve curated a brilliant range of metals and our cast iron pieces are crafted to deliver exceptional functionality and convenience. Cast iron near me is a significant material that is used across many industries and can benefit many companies with reliable, quality products. Cast iron is known for its exceptional longevity. When properly maintained, it can last for decades or even centuries, its properties make it suitable for withstanding extreme temperatures.

Where Cast Iron is Used

Cast iron is a material used in the kitchen for its temperature-withstanding qualities and even for transferring tiny amounts of iron into food when used as pans and pots. This product is extremely durable and is used in machinery for bearing weight, pressure and maintaining repetitive motions as it doesn’t wear down or easily rust. The construction industry also relies on cast iron for building components and underground structures like pipework. Not to mention the tools used in these industries will also likely be made of iron or steel. Cast Iron near me will allow you to source your products locally and get on with the projects you have planned!

West Midlands-Based Metal Supplier

We deliver our products across the UK with our trusted fleet of vehicles but we also have a contract with a reliable courier company that can deliver next day to those of you further away from us. We’re based in Halesowen where we provide cutting service. We are able to cut 450mm dia and 500mm thick blocks.

Our products include: Cast Iron, Engineering Plastic, Aluminium Products, Mild Steel Products, Tool Steel Products, Stainless Products.

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Get in touch via our contact forms or give us a call if there’s something specific you want to order. We are more than happy to talk you through our products and help you find what you need. Look no further than us for Cast Iron near me.